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Lights Out is a direct line to the inside thoughts of Bryan and the rise and falls building his dream.  It's a truthful journey expressing raw and uncut moments in time after the lights go out and work gets done. 

 "Ya see, people only see what they want to see. Here, I can make them FEEL what I'm feeling at the moment and hopefully relate through thoughts on the brain. They're my people. They deserve it. Cuz some days are high, others are low, but at least that can see the true me." B.


"Not sure how to start this. Putting my feelings out in the open like this. Guess you can't choose when ya feelings pull you a certain way. If ya ears virgin, click off. You want a filtered snapshot, post somewhere else. Here goes nothin."


FOCUS. 12/28/17

There's times I’m scattered, all over, spread thin....we’ll lets be honest, always spread thin. Then there’s times where nothing phases. When I get this punch in tha gut to just go. Nothing can pull me down. Nothing can shake these feels. It’s time to go. Time to rise and  crush this shit. Workin in this new platform and not even praying it vibes out. I feel it will. If you have doubts, you limit yaself. It’s game on from here. Everyday I learn more and more about myself than never seen before but it’s the journey. And believe you me, it’s beautiful. I swear it takin all these A-1s who’s been day-1s up with me. Pockets empty, dreams full. When ya sell off to drive in, ya might have a feeling on how much I thrive on nothing. Scrapin the can, when all ya want is another viber. Someone to believe in this as much as you. Who’s not afraid of the fall. Just eyes on the rise. I focus more. I sharpen more. And if it’s offline, it’s not makin the cut. This is all I levy toward. Fakers trying to makers, ya can have it. All i care about is to see this make it out of the city. And when it does, it’s full on respect. Love for the for the game with no resets. High wire with no net. Focus on what’s important and shred the rest. Work while others play. Hustle while they foolishly spend. And ALWAYS remain humble. Nothin’s promised in this life. Prepare your mind for the battlefield and plan out your next move of attack. So many thoughts, ideas, platforms, visions croppin’ now it’s time to start harvesting. One. Rise. At. A. Time. I don’t care what you’re doing. Really don’t. Nothing personal, but im on my own shit. No ones gonna feed these mouths. It’s time to grind down even more and reengage on the relevancies. Know that it’s okay to taste the good life for a night, but snap out and get back on the rise. This is what we dream of. This is real. Therapy. My personality is addicted to this drive. No boast. No brag. Just a vision looking for a road out. This vision’s taken me this far and so anxious to see the next corner turned. I’m ready! Ya hear it? I’m ready. Patience is bliss so take a seat. What’s yah vision? What’s that dream you always thought of? What’s stopping you from focusing and CRUSHING it? Don’t say kids. Don’t say money. Say you. Vision it and put plans in motion. Cuz if ya ever seen where I used to scribble, the sacrifices it took to get me here....doesn’t matter. Just know it’s all possible. No matter the time. Or the bowls on bowls of top ramen to invest in your VISION. That’s what matters. So take a second look on whatcha doin. Maybe things’ll start coming into focus. I’ll bro up another night workin on this dream I call RISEN. So when’s ya see it somewhere, you’ll know the time was put in. Let’s go. - B. 

_________________________________________________                                                _ZONE.  12/21/17
I doze, I blank out. Go into a trance that's hard to snap away from. On the surface I'm collected. But sometimes I need me. alone. peace. ME. Tunnel vision where I wanna take this to. And you think I stay public. Ha gaze again. Wavy nights and gazey days. It becomes a blur. When the beat drops in, my thought rise up. It's been 36 hours since I've slept. Tell people otherwise to shut em up but I can't seem to let it go. I WANT IT to much. but what is it? what's the hype? The feeling I get when I ship out to a random who becomes a riser, a believer who becomes an achiever....yah sleeps for the weak. Turn up. The longer I stay awake, I 
figure myself out that much more and beat myself for the next day. Yaaa marathon race isn't it? Fk, it's too surreal. Signing over 400 cards for my day one subscribers and I don't even know where all this shit started. Its a blaze. grabbin these struggles and painstakes from the scrapers......and buildin' a name to be announced one day. I WILL NOT stop until I see this shit on a billboard one day. Refuse. I don't care HOW long it takes to get this off and lifted, but I'm gonna ride it out to see it out. Patience my bruhs. Patience. 
Where's the '15ers? Left cuz I didn't make it fast enough? Plugged into the other spinoffs cuz it's the fad that's trending? No hate. Only love. Chase whatcha feel. I'm never one to put another down....I just ask to stay open. It's a nice trip yah? Dig deep and grit down with ya past and hopefully it marries up seamless.
One thread, one push, one riser at a time. And if I offended you, maybe you haven't been through enough grit to rough the edges. Life can either rise you or demise you. This is my life's work people. I give up birthdays, moms surgeries, Christmas going home to keep pushing this. Ya never see the payoff for the payout in the industry with no safety net. But I swear it, I'm stickin' to my guns. This is it for me. I refuse to let 'em get the best of me. So take this as a lesson. Take the test and check ya answers. You'll be surprised who stays after school to learn more. I respect everyone crushin' their dreams and goin for broke. Blissful seeing ones making moves and taking names. Can't stress enough, blinders on....focus....streamline goals. Get that tunnel vision, and you'll look up on the other side of the mountain. - B.


PERFECT. 12/20/17
Something I'm the farthest from. Clean and crisp, foofy and ideal. Take another glance. Like a shot of bourbon with no chase. What's on the surface is who and what I am.  I get caught up in my mind. Too often sometimes. The weekends seem to burden more. And more. And more. I have a tendency to push the closest ones away without knowing. I work late and sleep less. It's an addiction. I'm working to prove it. To show it CAN be done with no ends. No one seen this coming. No one thought I was this serious. Or TOOK me serious. "Maybe it's just a wave he's riding. He'll come off in a while." Let him cruise. Difference is I want it. I need it. Whatcha can't see is the night after night of battling with myself with thoughts on paper. Mind blurred with thoughts and visions on where I'm taking this to. The messed up destroyed past I'm still piecing together. The whys, the ifs, the RISE. It's therapy for me and I'm my own prescriber. It's therapy for my risers. Medicine to help the voiceless. RTP's gotta make it. Until this muscle stops beating, I'm going for gold. Because it isn't a contest to me. Never was. It's a necessity. I'm battling myself and everytime a move is made large or small, it's success. My risers are what keeps me pushing. Hungrier that yesterday. Why, cuz I haven't eaten. I feed off the drive to rise. Thrive on the name getting spread more and more coast to coast. For those just jumping on, it's a hell of a ride. Building something from nothing is a journey. And no matter how it's sliced, it's always a big bite to chew. Told myself I'll get on a wall one day and look up and it's a 20x40 roll down in Irvine. One move. One promise. One dream at a time. If I don't hit ya up, it's not cuz I don't care. It's because I'm pushing this train solo at times. Steel sharpens and its a crisp vision where I'm steaming toward. This is all I've ever wanted. And the more I work, the more I want it. Call it greed, I call it dreams. Who gonna stop me from gettin' everything I set my mind to? It's now or never. It's moving. Breathing. Growing. Day by day, night by night.  So if ya want it, go get it. And don't let anyone stop ya. Who's to say ya can't shine from the darkness. When the curtain falls and the lights grow dim. It's your life. Live it how you want to. Live it for #therise. - B. 


MOVE.  12/12/17
Another day down. Another move in the right direction! On the come up and taking all the risers up with me. It's funny to think when I first started this, had no clue who I was going to affect, let alone WHAT I was going to do with my dream. Now it's hittin' in other states by people I've never met before. Truly humbling in that sense. I tell my day ones, I get to pack up my dreams everyday and send it across the country to change someone's day. Ya can't put a price tag on it. So ya, hyped to the brink. 
The Untouchable Line was killer! Putting my heart and soul into every thread and prayin' to the man it sells. Sometimes new drops is a hit others takes more time. Guess that's the journey in it. If we had it all figured out from cover to cover there's no surprise or joy with each corner turned. I'm gonna get this shit. One way or another. Whether it takes 5 years or 15 years, I'll be here. Visioning, pushing, sweating over this. Moms always tells me that I can't see the waves I'm moving 'cuz I'm riding them....yah, guess it's hard when you're out in the elements. Those times I only see ripples until I step back on bankside to watch the tide roll.
For the ones out there crushing it, hustlin' it, keep rocksteady. Don't choke when you see what lies ahead. Don't tremble on what COULD be the next biggest thing. I'm here to say it, if I quit after the 50th time I failed...RTP never would''ve seen the light of day. On a billboard one day. Take it to bank and cash that shit. 
Still so much to get. Stomach's never full. The late nights, the cold calls, the 1000 mph to make it absolutely worth it. Just one day, one push, one riser at a time. I'm not perfect, never try to be. Some days are brighter than others. As long as I can get higher than I was yesterday...we rise. Together.  
You ever ask yourself what you truly want to do in life? Second question, Why the hell aren't you? Just never let the fear of failure or excuses keep you from it. You have just as much right or purpose than the next guy. The only difference is if you want it bad enough. No excuses just results. That’s all you’ll be remembered by. So go out there into the elements. Into the unknown and take a shot. Give it everything and then some. You’ll take the hits and blows but then you’ll be proven. You’ll be untouchable.  - B.  



I love when I get told no. Ha! I thrive on it! It's a challenge and makes me GAME ON with myself. People that I've known for years THINK they know me. Hate to break it to ya man but where ya at?  Someone ran up to me when I was walking downtown and said, hey you're that guy 
who has the pain brand right? And we went on for talking for almost a solid hour. "Friends" don't even chop it up for that long. Life's a trip for sure. When I get in my element, I tone the world out. Shut it out. Don't answer phone calls. No text back. Moms even gets after me but sometimes I feel like some just don't get it. I have my nights when the lights go out and I deal with some things. Everyone has their way of working through it and mine's tuning out and turning up. Nothin' personal guys, so when I ghost off the map, it's not because I broke contact, I'm working. Building....something that I've always dreamed of just didn't have the catalyst like I do now. For those who've stuck around since day one, or if this is your first time on the page, we're all the same. We've all been through something that defined a child, as a man, a mother. It's more that a few tees and snaps to me. It's my real feelings. My truth. I firmly believe you evolve and mold into the human you want to see in others. That's how movements are created. RTP is what I breathe. It's what I chew on. It's what I sleep on when all nighters are at bay. Find that ONE true passion in life and go fucking CRUSH it! The mind's a beautiful thing. Take your dreams and reciprocate them into reality. It CAN be done. You just have to believe it. Then you'll see it. See it spread to the ones riding the same wave. It'll be more than just a tangible product. It'll become an appendage of you.

I catch myself seeing what others now are doing but now, blinders on. What's watching you do for me? Nothing personal, just have my own path to carve. T.V. rarely comes on for me cuz it's showing the ones who followed their dreams, pushed hard AF and now all over. Who's to say that can't be you in a few? Go crush. Stop asking questions and just chisel. Inch by inch you're closer to your goal than yesterday. Gotta be! Just never stop. Cuz you could be RIGHT there and not even know it. That next turn could be your break. The big cheese. I figure out 99% of my problems by trial and error. Losing my ass more times than I could ever count...but it's in the proof and now it's remembered. You won't see the same mistakes because in this line of work, there's no safety net. NONE. I give myself ultimatums. If I don't sell, I don't eat. Brody never goes without, but it FORCES me to rise. It FORCES me to get up and make moves. If not, my stomach will hate me later. It's gotten me this far. I won't sleep until I respond to my select number of emails. That's what separates the old me from the one tonight. I'm willing. I might not know, but I'm willing. Real shit, I'm no better than anyone reading this. EVER. I'm just passionate as fuck and I don't accept no. Love it or hate it but I'll hold myself accountable for actions in or out of the biz. Cuz life's too short to accept mediocrity Life is bliss and overcoming your life's obstacles, makes you remarkable. It makes you untouchable. So hold yourself accountable. Take charge of YOUR actions and you'll start to see even the slightest turn for higher ground. Let's get this shit that all the has beens said we couldn't have before. - B.  








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